Ormed Group Medical was established in 2012 in capital city(Ankara) of Turkey to meet the needs in the health sector.

Ormed Grup Medikal serves mainly in Orthopedics and Traumatology and Spine surgery Nevertheless, the results of his R & D work in the same areas with newly developed products mainly have entered t in he market for both Turkey and global market. Our products( Bone cement, bone cement with gentamycin, vertebroplasty cement and hip-knee-shoulder spacer, vacuum cement mixing kit) are sold ongoingly 25 country. Together with increasing network and services, our portfolio has grown consistently.

Our company has the determination to conduct its experience in the medical sector for a long time in a respectable way. In order to that, all the required certification process has been conducted elaborately and FDA( Ormed Grup Medikal is the first and only owner company that have for combined products im Turkey currently) CE and ISO conditions were provided and gained in possesion of our company.

Our aim is to respond to the demands of our sector with the most advantageous prices and higher quality products by enhancing our range and reputation in world market by representing Turkey with our product’s quality and our approach that privilege to our customer’s demands

With its medical products and services, Ormed Group has adopted a management approach and practice that accepts the fundamental goal of contributing to the healthy future for physicians and hospitals and aims to make their competitive advantages permanent.

With the belief that quality is the meaning of knowledge, reliability and progress in all areas of life, we will continue to ensure that the whole system acts in a shared mindset.